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Season 3 Episode 2 - Importance of Fall Rescue Plans

This month's episode focuses on planning ahead for effective and safe fall rescue procedures, and touches on the current world event of COVID-19's effects on safety for all.

Special Guests:

Kyle Woods, President of Operations, SteelEDGE Erectors, LLC

Erica Cole, Product Manager, Mechanical Goods, Pure Safety Group

Tony opened the second episode of the Pure Safety Podcast by touching on world events, how COVID-19 is affecting business and safety for all. 

He then kicks off a thoughtful interview with Kyle Woods on the core essentials of building and executing a rescue plan. Woods expanded on the topic by sharing common challenges faced during a rescue and sharing what he has put in place for his company.

Continuing the rescue planning theme, Jocelyn chatted with Erica Cole about top rescue equipment in the Guardian Fall Protection and Checkmate product lines. She concluded the episode by highlighting some of PSG’s newly launched products.

Links mentioned during the podcast:

Watch the Video of the Xplorer Industrial Harness from Checkmate

Download the Checkmate CSA Sell Sheets

Download the Guardian CSA Sell Sheets

In this episode:

  • Current World Events & COVID-19 (begins at 00:55 minutes)
  • Building & Executing a Rescue Plan (2:58)
  • Checkmate and Guardian Rescue Products Industry Review (16:13)


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