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Episode 8 - Checkmate's history and evolution

This episode of the Pure Safety Podcast highlights the Checkmate brand and its extensive history, plus a final On The Road segment related to our Oil & Gas Refinery campaign. Founder of Checkmate and now Chief Innovation Officer at Pure Safety Group, Oliver Auston, shares the company's evolution over the last 40 years as a premium fall protection provider.

Tony chats On the Road with Territory Manager, Kevin Lamb, who discussed safety solutions and applications in the oil and gas industry, including increased use of some products such as dual-leg SRLs, harnesses and adaptation of tool drop prevention programs.

During the popular Industry News segment, Jocelyn shared highlights from the 2019 NSC Congress & Expo including the overwhelming attention garnered during Checkmate's 40th Anniversary.

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In this episode:

  • Discussion on Checkmate's history
  • Interview with one of the founder Oliver Auston  (begins at 1:40 minutes)
  • Safety solutions and application discussion by Kevin Lamb (13:14)
  • Industry News, featuring Jocelyn Durant (18:52)
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