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Episode 7 - Analyzing Challenges in the Oil & Gas Industry


This episode of the Pure Safety Podcast analyzes challenges faced by companies serving in the oil and gas industry and how hazardous working conditions can be minimized for subcontractors, especially during the maintenance months.

Tony chats with Brett, a Territory Manager in Texas, who emphasized the need for a meticulous site inspection as well as recommended some products that could withstand the intense environment such as the GR6 SRL with tie-back option, TR3 tripod for confined space rescues and a few others!

The popular Industry News segment with Jocelyn features an interview with Andre, covering important compliance standards around height protection equipment, inspections, and quality of the products in the field.

Discover recommended reads relevant to this episode in the August issue of the BIC Magazine.

In this episode:

  • Challenges being faced in the oil and gas industry
  • Discussion on HVAC (begins at 6:11 minutes)
  • Industry News, featuring Jocelyn Durant (17:36)
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