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Episode 6 - Preventing Deadly Hazards in the Oil & Gas Industry

This episode focuses on preventing workers in the oil and gas industry from hazards which could take a deadly turn.

Pure Safety Podcast Episode 6 focuses on fall protection hazards in the oil and gas industry, downstream activities.

The segments include a panel discussion on value-driven products, offering added security to workers performing refinery maintenance & construction, the types of training courses which could decrease challenges faced at the job site and an industry report highlighting advancements made to promote fall protection solutions.

We share additional details on the launch of the Stronghold Single-Pack Program, an easy to use display system that carries popular dropped object prevention products.

The episode closes by announcing a special promotion on the Permit-Required Confined Space Awareness training classes scheduled at the end of August 2019.

Panelists include the following industry experts from Pure Safety Group:

Erica Cole, Product Manager – Mechanical Goods, PSG

Jason Pyle, Training Instructor, PSG

Cindy Kunitsugu, Product Manager – Soft Goods, PSG

In this episode:

  • A lively panel discussion on products & training for refinery safety
  • Industry Report on Fall Protection solution advancements (begins at 21:17 minutes)
In other news, Pure Safety Group will showcase highly anticipated products at the NSC Congress & Expo in San Diego, Sept. 9 through 11. Get a sneak peek!
Also be sure to tune in at Wind Power Engineering and listen to Oliver Auston, Chief Innovation Officer, speak on fall protection in the wind industry.
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