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Podcast Episode 4 - Dropped Object Prevention

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Did you know every 10 minutes a worker is injured in a dropped object accident?

In this podcast episode, Tony and Bill have an in-depth chat on the growing rate of dropped object accidents and ways to prevent it with Matt Moreau, Product Manager - Dropped Tools for TY-FLOT Stronghold product line. In the last 5 years, labor safety administrations have increased standards and required organizations to meet them to prevent accidents at the job site.

In conjunction with identifying fall hazards, Tony defines walking-working surfaces and the importance of enforcing fall prevention solutions. Raising awareness is a step in the right direction. It could be achieved by outlining the most common slipping and tripping surface hazards that could potentially cause injuries or even loss of life. Need help assessing risks and maintaining safety compliance? Contact us at Pure Safety Group for assistance!

Jocelyn then took the podcast episode to the finish line by reviewing industry trends such as shortages in skilled labor and how builders are evolving their recruiting practices to achieve business goals.

A special announcement was also made to mark the launch of GR 6 and GR 11 self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) from Guardian Fall Protection.

Continuing the wave of launches, Jocelyn dropped a hint about the upcoming launch of TR3 Tripod from Checkmate

In this episode:

  • Defining Walking-Working Surfaces with Tony Coco (begins at 2:00 minutes)
  • Analyzing Need for DROPS with Matt Moreau (8:30)
  • Industry News, featuring Jocelyn Durant (20:57)
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