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Podcast Episode 3 - Our PSG Safety Training Program

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Featuring: Safety Training with Steve Fales and Arissa Mendiola of Pure Safety Group

In this episode, Tony and Bill have an in-depth chat with Steve Fales, Director of Customer Service & Sales Support, who was joined by Arissa Mendiola, Training Sales Specialist & Coordinator, on the safety training program offered by Pure Safety Group. Together they enforce PSG's mission to teach rules and regulations around fall protection in a realistic setting giving customers a hands-on learning experience.

To solidify it further, field sales representatives join the traveling team of instructors to demonstrate proper use of products so the safety of all is ensured. Learn more about training here at

Then, Tony highlights the importance of anchors and anchor points like the PitchPro and how they are an integral piece of the fall protection product offering preventing injuries at the job site. Finding the right anchor is a good starting point. It can easily be achieved by reviewing the PSG Construction Industry Reference Guide that outlines product types and their use for each trade in the construction space.

Jocelyn wraps the episode up by sharing updates on safety standards by OSHA and NFPA.

Recommended reads mentioned in this episode included Chief Innovation Officer Oliver Auston's article in the January issue of Construction News on business risks associated when safety training is lacking and the need for leading edge fall protection by Technical Marketing Associate Baxter Byrd in the March issue of Professional Safety Journal.

Final comment, be sure to join us at the ASSP Conference in New Orleans from June 9th through 12th, 2019.

In this episode:

  • Importance of Anchors, featuring Tony Coco (begins at XXX minutes)
  • Safety Training with Steve Fales and Arissa Mendiola (XXX)
  • Industry News, featuring Jocelyn Durant (XXX)
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