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Podcast Episode 2 - Cindy Kunitsugu, PSG Product Development

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In this episode, Tony and Bill have an in-depth chat with Cindy Kunitsugu of Pure Safety Group. Cindy shares how her experience of over a decade exposed her to challenges workers faced daily in the field inspiring her to introduce safety solutions by leading the product development department.

One result of that would be the Series Harness line-up that is manufactured in Houston, TX. The Series 1, Series 3 and Series 5 harnesses exceed compliance with their noninvasive design using supportive material for various body structures carrying the additional weight of toolkits all while working under extreme weather conditions.

Then, Tony highlights the importance and value of site surveys, and even mentions the most common fall protection hazard areas which are frequently overlooked in the field. He further shares the opportunity businesses have to take advantage of a complimentary site survey.

In addition, Pure Safety Group Senior Marketing Manager Jocelyn Durant reports some noticeable trends for 2019 including an increase in cement and concrete consumption due to the rise in commercial construction projects. She closes the segment off by briefly touching on how technology is being developed to make job sites more connected and the possibility of incorporating digital mapping. So, stay tuned for the breakdown on those innovations and more coming up in the next few podcast episodes!

In this episode:

  • Importance and Value of Site Surveys, featuring Tony Coco (begins at 3:14 minutes)
  • Special Guest Cindy Kunitsugu of Pure Safety Group (8:02)
  • Industry News, featuring Jocelyn Durant (19:32)
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