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Podcast Episode 1 - Dan Geisler of O6 Environmental

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In this episode, Tony and Bill have an in-depth chat with Dan Geisler of O6 Environmental. Dan talks about his early experience in environmental remediation and demolition, and how a fall protection project at a former National Guard Armory led to his collaboration with Pure Safety Group. He also gives a snapshot of how Pure Safety Group helped O6 maintain OSHA compliance and increase worker protection through comprehensive training – all at a cost that met their business needs.

Then, Tony highlights the importance of recognizing common safety hazards in the construction industry and how fall protection continues to top OSHA’s Most Cited Violations list. He further emphasizes how the right product combined with the appropriate training can prevent accidents and reduce violations on the jobsite.

In addition, Pure Safety Group Senior Marketing Manager Jocelyn Durant breaks some exciting news including recent opportunities Pure Safety Group earned to author in major safety and construction industry publications, as well as giving a run-down of several highly anticipated product launches.

In this episode:

  • Welcome to the 2019 Inaugural Episode
  • Common Hazards and Violations, featuring Tony Coco (begins at 7:34 minutes)
  • Leading Edge Features and Benefits (Product Overview) (9:46)
  • Special Guest Dan Geisler of O6 Environmental (13:52)
  • Industry News, featuring Jocelyn Durant (22:33)


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