Linking the world via voice and internet often requires unique solutions. Those who are tasked with building and maintaining the infrastructure to make it happen must contend with dizzying heights as well as confined-space and restricted-access environments. Being able to fully depend on your fall protection or rescue equipment allows you to focus your attention where it belongs: on the job at hand.

From off-the-shelf to fully engineered solutions, we have the knowledge and industry expertise to ensure you remain safely connected - while connecting the world.

At several hundred feet off the ground, even medium-sized communications towers push fall protection equipment to the max.

OSHA 1910.268 (click here to view) mandates that fall protection equipment be used in the telecommunications industry when working at heights of 4’ or greater, meaning applications that don’t require fall protection equipment are few and far between.

From our high-performing Cable Ladder System and Cable Grabs, to Rebar Chain Assemblies and premium harnesses, Pure Safety will keep you protected no matter how far off the ground you are.

Halo Construction Harness

Halo Construction Harness

Rebar Chain Assembly

Rebar Chain Assembly

01510 web 135x260

Cable Grab


Web Strap SRL