In 2019 we added several safety professionals to enhance the depth of the Guardian team an expand our services to you.  Our goal will be to offer more availability to the Guardian courses through more regularly scheduled classes at our multiple training facilities plus on-demand and live instructor-led remote training options. We're striving to make quality fall protection safety training more readily available to you, wherever you are.

If you have any questions about our courses or upcoming class dates, or to arranged private training, our Training Coordinator Arissa Mendiola will be happy to help. You can reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stay tuned for more exciting things to come as our new Guardian brand training launches in North America, and of course, stay safe.

Training Sales Specialist & Coordinator - Arissa Mendiola

Arissa Mendiola

My name is Arissa Mendiola, Training Sales Specialist and Coordinator for Guardian. I have been with Guardian since February of 2013. Before joining Guardian, I was working at a Copy and Print Center where I connected with the Director of Training. At the time, I was responsible for printing all of Guardian's training material (workbooks, tests, wallet cards, etc.). With some familiarity with the training material, I applied for the Training Assistant position and the rest is history.

Guardian has evolved into one of the leaders of Fall Protection training. Along with the department, my position with everyday operations has grown into an elaborate and fulfilling job. Coming from no previous fall protection background, I’ve learned an immense amount about fall protection, and the safety industry as a whole. My position involves all the “behind the scenes” work. Some of my responsibilities include prospecting new training opportunities, creating training solutions for companies, as well as, registration procedures, order entry, purchasing of training equipment/materials, shipping and receiving of training materials, as well as coordination of all in-house and offsite training courses just to name a few.

Guardian is now the world’s largest independent provider of fall protection equipment and training, and it is a pleasure being a part of a revolutionary company whose primary goal is provide quality fall protection solutions.

Training Instructor - Mel Ezzo

Mel Ezzo

My name is Mel Ezzo and I am a Training Instructor for Guardian. After starting with the Engineered Services Group in 2014, I am very excited to be with the training division of Guardian.

Safety training and management have been my passion and profession for over 17 years. After starting in construction management in residential construction, I saw a real need for safety training for construction workers.

Before coming to Guardian, I oversaw safety at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. Managing a safety program for nearly 2000 full-time and seasonal staff was challenging and rewarding. Programs covering animal handling, amusement ride safety, guest safety, and occupational safety kept me very busy. My previous experience with safety and management with Habitat for Humanity helped immensely with working within limited resources in a not-for-profit environment. As a former builder and small business owner, safety has continually proven to be a top priority to ensure profit and production.

I am thrilled to be able to spread the message of safety with Guardian. Providing guidance for safe practices and policy for small businesses to large corporations will continue to be my passion. I look forward to continuing to making Guardian the world-class choice in training and fall protection safety.

Training Instructor - Jason Pyle

Jason Pyle

My name is Jason Pyle, a Training Instructor for Guardian; where I travel across the United States training workers of various trades and industry; including Construction, General Industry, and Maritime. I specialize in a variety of fall protection related course offerings covering OSHA, ANSI, State OSHA, and Army Corp of Engineers requirements.

I began working for Guardian in 2018; with an extensive background in health, safety, environmental, and training; within the oil and gas drilling industry.

In 2003 I began my career working in the Gulf of Mexico for drilling contractor Transocean, where I held several field-level positions. In 2007, I was promoted to Rig Safety and Training Coordinator for Transocean’s DD1 semi-submersible deepwater drilling rig. I held that RSTC position until 2011 when a transition to land allowed me to work as an HSET/ DOT supervisor.

In 2012 I began work as an HSET supervisor with Houston-based private drilling contractor Eastham Drilling. In 2013 I was promoted to Corporate HSET & HR Manager, where I remained until 2018. Making a difference in the workplace has been a passion of mine from early on in my career. As a training instructor, I am able to make that a reality every day!

Training Instructor - Peter McDowell

Peter McDowell

My name is Peter McDowell. I currently help develop and train on proper installation of anchors, use of safety equipment such as collective, and techniques of safe Working at Heights and Rescue and Confined Space safety and Rescue for Guardian.

After graduating from Saint Louis University in Madrid, Spain, I opened my own logistics company in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia where I constructed and managed two warehouse distribution centers focused on storing goods of various embassies and business products.

After selling the logistics company, I eventually moved back to Houston and started a QHSSE consulting company catering to oil and gas (OG) producers and contractor organizations where I trained OG companies in NEBOSH and aided in integrating producers and primary contractors in developing corporate QHSSE policies and safety cultures for international and domestic projects alike.