World of Concrete 2019.

Pure Safety Group will be showcasing its brands Guardian Fall Protection, Checkmate and Ty-Flot at World of Concrete January 22-25 in Las Vegas, NV.




IMG 0065Pa1bGuardian Fall Protection will be featuring its new S1 Harness during WOC. The S1 is the first in a series of innovative new harnesses designed with three levels of features for various real life work scenarios.

All harnesses meet OSHA standards, exceed ANSI standards and are CSA-certified. Read more here.

PSG will also show the S3, S5 harnesses set to launch in February and March respectively and the Ty-Flot dropped tool line in addition to some innovative products from Checkmate!

Stop by Booth C3363 to check all these hot products out!!


Also check out our four products in the WOC Product Innovation Zone:


MAX 300MAX-300

Work smarter with the patented MAX-300, a completely symmetrical constant-rate descender that accommodates multiple users. The variants available offer either automatic hands-free descent, auto descent/hand operated rescue or power-assisted rescue and auto descent. Featuring integrated rope lock-off (R/PR only), replaceable guides, Gore valve technology and a sealed braking system.

It’s the most versatile and durable constant-rate descender on the market. With a 660lbs(300kg) rating for descent. The MAX-300 is vastly capable when evacuating multiple users, offering automatic descent modes requiring zero user input on controlled descent functions, allowing the evacuee to control their own descent or a rescuer from an independent location. 




Take the lead on your safety with the Checkmate FABX1-LE ANSI leading edge rated SRL. Utilising a ground-breaking two-stage force management system, to progressively arrest your fall.

The first shock absorbing element is encased inside the innovative break-away housing to keep the internals protected from the elements until that critical moment when it arrests your fall. Featuring lightweight housings and high-tech materials throughout, swivelling load indicating alloy hardware, carry handle/shoulder strap connection points, independent brake pawls for a fail-safe system and sealed brake module with visual performance fall indicator. When you’re working over the edge trust in the FABX1-LE to keep you safe. 




Get a handle on your safety with the HLL2W. Featuring an innovative removable ratchet handle. Once the lightweight webbing lifeline has been tensioned, the handle can be removed with just one hand to make it your key to a tamper-proof 2 user system. Boasting an integrated tension indicator to confidently determine correct system tension and an in-line energy absorber to reduce fall forces on the system and anchor points.

Not only can the system be made tamper-proof, there’s also wear indicating webbing making it safer and easier to inspect your system. All these features can be packed into the conveniently sized carry bag for easy storage and transport. 




Tool tethers help to increase safety and reduce the costs associated with dropped objects injuries. The Quick-Switch Tool Tether is the most advanced tool tether on the market, allowing users to switch tools from one location to another quickly without ever being untied.

Not only does it prevent dropped tools, but it also prevents some of the hazards associated with tool tethering. No more swinging tools, less snagging, and no more risk of dropping a tool during a transfer.