Richard Marsden, Chief Financial Officer.

Richard is a Certified Accountant with over 20 years’ experience. He was the Finance Director for the EMEA region of Capital Safety Group and General Manager for the Training business; successfully growing the business and it’s EMEA market share prior to the sale of the business to 3M.

Richard was CFO of Pure Power Technologies, an Automotive parts manufacturer, which recently sold to an industrial buyer in 2019.


Board of Directors

nick vande

Nick Vande Steeg
Board Member

bill kassling

Bill Kassling
Board Member

kevin coplan

Kevin Coplan
Board Member

john arney

John Arney
Chairman of PSG Holdings

anders pettersson

Anders Pettersson
Board Member

pat velasco

Pat Velasco
Board Member

julian ameler

Julian Ameler
Board Member

roland schylit

Roland Schylit
Board Member

jeff ward

Jeff Ward

tony coco

Tony Coco
Executive VP of Sales and Marketing

Ron Beaudry

Ron Beaudry
General Manager

Richard Marsden

Richard Marsden
Chief Financial Officer

Bruce Larson

Bruce Larson
VP of Human Resources

oliver auston

Oliver Auston
Chief Innovation Officer

anna cothran

Anna Cothran
General Counsel